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From the Wanganui Chronicle, August 2, 1889 – a column of what today would be called ‘briefs’. None carried a headline and the local and overseas snippets were jumbled in one after the other. Some more relevant to readers than others; hopefully contemporary readers knew that Duleep Singh was the last Maharajah of the Sikh Empire, exiled to Britain at age 15 and dying there in 1893. The following appear in the order in which they were printed.

Edward McGlashan, one of the pioneer settlers of Otago, died on Wednesday night, aged 72.

The baby King of Spain is going to the Paris Exposition. He will be the youngest monarch who ever visited that city.

Sarah Bernhardt, who has always smoked cigarettes, has now taken to mild cigars. She remains, as usual, fond of newspaper puffs. [No idea.]

The Queen of England seldom drinks more than one small glass of wine at dinner, and afterwards takes a few drops of good Scotch whisky.

A fatal accident when bushfalling is reported from Inglewood, Henry Marsh being killed by the falling of a tree. No particulars to are hand as yet. [sic]

[A little further down] The salary of Inspector Lee, of the Wellington Education Board, has been altered to £475 a year, with a guinea a day for travelling expenses.

Duleep Singh is a man of medium size, thick set, with a good-humoured, open countenance and courteous manners. His wife is a pretty brunette. [And that’s it, no news about Sir Duleep Singh, just a description in case anyone from the Colony might run into him!]