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painted snow falling
on painted branches –
a scent of camphor

Sandra Simpson, Presence 52

‘Snow at Zojoji Temple, Shiba’ by Kawase Hasui, 1925.

bamboo cutters
washing in green water –
a scent of tuberose

Sandra Simpson, Wild Plum 1:2

I recently bought some tuberose bulbs so must get out and plant them. A large jar of blooms was just inside the front door of our palatial room in Bali last year, a magnificent scent in the evening. The bamboo cutters were also seen in Bali, washing in a water channel after a day’s work.

prayer circle
the time it takes dust
to settle

Sandra Simpson, The Heron’s Nest 18.3

When I wrote the above haiku I hadn’t consciously appreciated that we are all dust (or waiting to be dust) but it struck me as I read it again now. I was being deep and didn’t even realise it!

mango juice –
a taxi driver updates me
on the cricket

Sandra Simpson, Kokako 23

The cricket haiku was written during a visit to Dubai in March, when the Cricket World Cup was being played in Australia and New Zealand. The Bangladeshi and Pakistani taxi drivers were all glued to games. Great fun talking to them.

Now, the Rugby World Cup is being played in the UK.

That’s the lot for now, although I have had acceptances for another five publications, very exciting!

Sensing the earth

Words, words …

Sometimes I get tired of talking and listening, and sometimes I can’t write, but I never seem to be tired of reading.

At the beginning of the year I borrowed some haiku books from a fellow poet and am only now about to return them (thank goodness he’s not charging me overdue fees). As I was taking a last look through them, I thought I’d share some poems that caught my imagination.

cicadas …
sensing the earth

– Kenji Takemoto (1933 – )

the little sound of a star

– Ellen Compton, read an essay about Ellen and her work.


November evening –
    the faintest tick of snow
        upon the cornstalks

– John Wills (1921-1993), read an essay about John and his work.


And one from Volume 15 of The Heron’s Nest annual paper anthology (still some copies available):

please say it

– Yu Chang