Haiku rant on The Spinoff

Peeved by the ‘haiku’ The Spinoff website ran in March as a Friday Poem – how many poets submit for that slot and how many are rejected, and they print 11 short poems, some of them quite shouty, that bear no relation to haiku – I approached the Books editors about writing something to redress the balance.

To my delight, they were welcoming. The piece has been published today (I don’t think the fact that it’s Halloween has any meaning) with the author of the original ‘haiku’ having right of reply.

Read my piece here, which includes a link to the original poems. I must say my rant has been building for some time so it feels good to have it out there!

The right of reply has been posted and it’s about as dismissive as I expected and seemed not to get the point at all. Ah well.