M, N, O of haiku

If you feel inspired to make your own alphabet, please share the link in the Comments section.


morning meditation
the white cockatoo
just doesn’t get it

Glenys Ferguson, Windfall 6, 2018


autumn moon
eclipsed for a moment
migrating geese

Tracy Davidson, Katikati Haiku Contest winner, 2016



hotel laundry
the weight the maid carries
down to the Nile

Ingrid Baluch, The Mamba #5, 2018


distant wren song …
the brown river
slowed to green

John Barlow, The Heron’s Nest 7.4, 2005



Okavango delta —
dawn climbs slowly
from rhino to rhino

Lysa Collins, Under the Basho, 2017



swallow loops
a farmer clambers onto
his old tractor

John Barlow, paper wasp 13.3, 2007