Oh, and

I realised I forgot to mention a biggie in the way of honours … short-listed for a Touchstone Award, although I’m not sure if this one will make it into stone:

humid evening –
the census taker’s
arched eyebrows

– Sandra Simpson, Kokako 19

My haiku is as it happened. The woman dropping the papers off had high arches drawn on and they caught my fancy. Think of the things the census takers must have heard in the days before everyone was literate! (By the way, the census in New Zealand should have taken place in 2011 but was delayed to 2013 because of the Canterbury earthquakes.)

As anyone who does family history research knows, census information is invaluable but I heard recently that not all New Zealand census forms are kept, how sad for future family historians.

Anyway, read all the short-listed Touchstone haiku here – and please take special note of the one by Harry Frentz, who was just 17 when he wrote it.