Sensing the earth

Words, words …

Sometimes I get tired of talking and listening, and sometimes I can’t write, but I never seem to be tired of reading.

At the beginning of the year I borrowed some haiku books from a fellow poet and am only now about to return them (thank goodness he’s not charging me overdue fees). As I was taking a last look through them, I thought I’d share some poems that caught my imagination.

cicadas …
sensing the earth

– Kenji Takemoto (1933 – )

the little sound of a star

– Ellen Compton, read an essay about Ellen and her work.


November evening –
    the faintest tick of snow
        upon the cornstalks

– John Wills (1921-1993), read an essay about John and his work.


And one from Volume 15 of The Heron’s Nest annual paper anthology (still some copies available):

please say it

– Yu Chang