Good news x2

October 18:¬†An email dropped into my inbox overnight on Tuesday to say that I had won the Royal Canal Haiku Contest run by Haiku Ireland and celebrating the renovation of the Royal Canal in Dublin. Part of the prize is to have my haiku painted on a wall alongside the canal for Royal Canal Day on November 12! Read the three prizewinning poems here, but here’s mine anyway:

early nightfall –
the lock key warms up
in my fist

And the other part of the good news is that a wee project I’ve been working on quietly for the past few months has today got the green light – projecting haiku on to the inside of the Crystal Palace before shows during the Tauranga Arts Festival (October 26-November 3). This is the kind of public exposure haiku so rarely gets so I am very excited. The work being used in by poets who are more or less all members of the Fantail Haiku Group that is based in Tauranga-Western Bay of Plenty (the “or less” are generally family members or other close associates of members). The work has been selected on merit.