Summer rain

A real downpour for most of the day in Tauranga – but just what we needed! I’ve found a few minutes to go through my books and find some appropriate haiku that you may enjoy.

short cut;
splashing through the water
of summer rains

– Buson

my old ears:
summer rains
in the downpipe

– Buson

(I have rearranged the translation I found online to read more naturally.)

Buson’s haiku leads┬áneatly on to this contemporary haiku – I heard Eve read it at Haiku North America in August and my ears understood it, while my eyes had not so try saying out loud and see if you “get” it.

in tune with

– Eve Luckring (apologies to Eve as this is not how it’s set out exactly but the best I could within the confines of WordPress).

umbrella-sharing –
the one more in love
gets wet

– Keisanjin

which really is a spring haiku, but I couldn’t resist it.