Haiku Advent Window 24

Christmas eve –
refugees act out
the role of magi

Sandra Simpson
Kokako 32, 2020

And, as we look forward to gift-giving, here’s a second seasonal haiku to end our Advent series (I couldn’t resist it). Thanks for reading along, I hope you’ve had as much pleasure as I had in putting it together.

four in the morning it begins with hooves on the roof

Alan Summers
Presence 74, 2022

Best wishes to all readers and their families for a safe and peaceful 2023.


Haiku Advent Window 22

at the holiday party
hanging mistletoe

Don Wentworth
Presence 74, 2022

As a special treat today, there are two images. The one above shows Northern Hemisphere mistletoe berries that people may kiss under at Christmas time, and the one below shows a New Zealand native mistletoe that flowers around Christmas.

Peraxilla tetrapetala. Photo: Wikimedia