S, T, U of Haiku

If you feel inspired to make your own alphabet, please share the link in the Comments section.


shooting the rapids
even the back of his head
looks suprised

HF Noyes, Haiku Ancient & Modern (MQP, 2002)


choosing a swimsuit
when did I start seeing
through his eyes?

Mayuzumi Madoka, Haiku Love (The British Museum, 2013, tr Alan Cummings)



trail’s end
the taste of wild onion
still sharp on my tongue

Billie Wilson, The Heron’s Nest 6.3, 2005


tackle shop for sale –
a tide-chart on the wall
two years out of date

Rodney Williams, Windfall 5, 2017


in the rains of spring
an umbrella and a raincoat
pass by, conversing

Buson (tr Kenneth Yasuda)



Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Park, Tokyo by Hasui Kawase (1883 – 1957).


southern humpback –
     miles of ocean
     pushing back

Scott Terrill, A Hundred Gourds 2.1, 2012

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