P, Q, R of haiku

If you feel inspired to make your own alphabet, please share the link in the Comments section.


platelets —
the trip we were planning
to plan

Roberta Beary, Modern Haiku 41.2, 2010


unplanned pregnancy
the hum of a beehive       
beneath the porch

John McManus, Acorn 35, 2015


into the silence
of a Quaker meeting
the scent of roses

Jo Pacsoo, Presence 47, 2013


Queen Anne’s lace —
a childhood spent
in second-hand clothes

Mary Kendall, The Heron’s Nest 19.1, 2017


Roman road
I carry the dust
further north

Matt Morden, Martin Lucas Haiku Award 2017



prairie storm
the darkness disperses
as buffalo

Chad Lee Robinson, The Heron’s Nest 19.3, 2017

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