D, E, F of Haiku

Hope you’re enjoying this ride through the haiku alphabet – if you feel inspired to make your own alphabet, please share the link in the Comments section.


hatsu-yume ya kane mo hirowazu shini mo sezu

first dream of the year
not finding money on the road
not dying either

Natsume Soseki  (1867-1916), tr Susumu Takiguchi


debate night
one dog barks
then another

Bill Cooper, A Hundred Gourds 5.2, 2016



the everywhere
of wild carrot
wayside moon

Michele Root-Bernstein, The Heron’s Nest 19.1, 2017



glowing embers
I start my story
from the end

Debbi Antebi, Presence 60, 2018



forsythia –
misspelled twice in the poet’s
yellowed notes

Ron Evans, Haiku Odyssey blog, 2014


clearing storm
a ewe flicks a fly
from her ear

Pamela Brown, Presence 52, 2015

6 thoughts on “D, E, F of Haiku

  1. G

    old pond
    green moss blankets
    the blues
    (Akitsu Quarterly) Winter 2016
    gene test
    she inherits the short end
    of the straw
    (Cattails) Sept.2016
    her memoir
    of my life too
    (Blithe Spirit) Vol 27 No.3
    fading sun
    still humming the hymn
    night mosquitoes
    (Herons’s Nest) June 2016
    the tired shirt
    of the pedestal fan
    (Blithe Spirit) Feb 2017
    in the dark hours
    a kettle’s tune

    (Stardust Haiku Blogspot.Com)
    June 2017

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