New Haiku Pathway poem: Part 2

It’s a pleasure to be able to announce the completion of the 45th poem on the Katikati Haiku Pathway – hopefully plenty of holiday visitors have already discovered this delightful haiku, especially with the first of the summer’s concerts having taken place.

Photo: Sandra Simpson

The poem is by Ron C. Moss of Tasmania and the plaque adorns a boulder behind the year-old stage built by the Twilight Concert Committee – the committee not only made a cash donation to the pathway project after last year’s summer concerts but also provided the rock for the poem and have planted around the stage.

outdoor concert
the toddler asleep
kicking stars

– Ron C. Moss

As with the other boulder completed in this 2-haiku project, the metal plaque inscribed with the poem has been made by Stainless Downunder, a Katikati company, and fitted into the rock by fourth-generation stone mason Paul Gautron who has inscribed many of the pathway’s poem boulders.

Ron hails from Tasmania in Australia (with Kiwi connections in his immediate family) and is a talented – and award-winning – poet, photographer and artist. See some of his artwork here. Ron’s first book-length collection of haiku, The Bone Carver, was published by Snapshot Press (UK) in 2014.

He works as a reprographic services technician at the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office, as well as being a volunteer firefighter. Ron was awarded the Tasmania Fire Service Volunteer Medal (for diligent service) in 2010 and the National Medal in 2013.

7 thoughts on “New Haiku Pathway poem: Part 2

  1. This stone with “outdoor concert” by Ron C. Moss is simply stunning. How extraordinarily beautiful the Katikati Haiku Pathway must be!

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  3. What a fantastic haiku by Ron Moss to be added to the Katikati Haiku Pathway, which I have followed with admiration and delight for many years. Always good to see another Australian represented in this extraordinary homage to the haiku genre.

    • Hello Quendryth, Thanks for dropping by and commenting. The mirrored surface on the plaque acts like a beacon in the rock! We love it. All the best, Sandra

    • Hi Mary, Thanks for the positive comments about the pathway. It’s a pretty neat place and we love seeing it through the eyes of visitors. Best wishes, Sandra

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