Don’t delay!

I still have a few calendars in stock – so do contact me if you’d like one. The closed calendar is A4 and is designed to be hung. The photos are high-quality full colour and the calendar has been printed professionally. Eleven of the photos show nature or landscape scenes from New Zealand, the other is from Kyoto in Japan. Each image is accompanied by a haiku poem.

Here’s the image for May.

calendar may


Within New Zealand: $15 each + $2.50 P&P = $17.50. You can order up to 4 calendars for the same P&P (ie, 4 calendars come in one envelope so 2 calendars would be $32.50, etc).

Australia: Add $3.50 for P&P = $18.50.

Rest of the World: Add $4 for P&P = $19.

If you would like to purchase by PayPal, please let me know. If you would like to send cash in your local currency let me know and I’ll convert it to that day’s rate. Email me for further details.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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