Touchstone Awards

Congratulations to Harry Frentz, who is New Zealand’s only recipient of a Touchstone Award from the short-list (which included three others from NZ).

harry touch

Harry Frentz. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Also to Ron Moss who was born in Dunedin but is a long-time resident of Australia. Ron had two haiku on the short-list so it would have been hard lines if he’d missed out!

May 7: Ron has just updated me on the ins and outs of his mixed NZ-Oz allegiances, to wit: He was born in Australia to a mother who was Australian and a father who was a Kiwi. The family moved to his dad’s hometown of Dunedin when Ron was seven and he remained in the city until the age of 25 when he headed back across the ditch (Tasman Sea). “My father, brother and sister are all Kiwis, my mother and I were born in Oz but my mother has lived in Dunedin most of her life now.” He says he likes being claimed as a “cuzzie” (cousin) by Kiwis. We’re glad to have you, kia ora.

The Haiku Foundation sends out as prizes great lumps of stone by airmail around the world, the block engraved with the author’s poem. A real treasure, although less of a paper weight and more of a garden ornament!

sand dune    the width of the wind

– Harry Frentz (aged 17 when he wrote it)

prenuptial contract
fish bones neatly spaced
on white china

– Ron Moss

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