Soaping fabulously

In January I deemed this would be Our Year of Soaping Fabulously – a play on the title of movie, The Year of Living Dangerously, that I considered both witty and sophisticated. Mel Gibson, when he was still young and handsome and not being nasty, in pursuit of the truth in Indonesia, while I spare nothing in the pursuit of trying to find the perfect soap. See? The Young Adult has tried to ban me from ever using my catchphrase again … so here’s a whole blog post about it!

The first bar of soap we opened was triple-milled Nesti Dante Paradiso Tropicale (Tahitian lime and mosambi peel) which I had bought to put in the Haiku Husband’s stocking. Expensive, smelled gorgeous, nice wrapper. Easy enough to justify when one is madly shopping for Christmas gifts in mid-December. Unfortunately, the delicious scent didn’t last once we opened the packet and used it on a daily basis and it ended up being only a brown soap.
Cost: $16.60 for 250g. Rating: 2 stars (the wrapper was the nicest thing in the end).

Soap number two was bought at the craft market in Dunedin’s Octagon in mid-December (something of a pattern here?) but I didn’t have high hopes for it being, as it was, fashioned to resemble a slice of cake, compete with icing and icing rosettes. Tricky or tacky?, you choose. But once again, I fell for the scent – blackberries and cream – which was utterly delicious! The soaps are hand-made in Otago by Skin Indulgence and contain goat milk and I’m pleased to report the tantalising scent lasted right to the end of our cake. Yes, please I will have another slice! (I think the Young Adult has foolishly left hers in my care, mwah-ha-ha.)
Cost: $10 for 165g. Rating: 5 stars.

Next up, and our current wash, is “extra pure” French lavender and vanilla from Scully’s, the company based in Bulls that makes skin-care products using plants (locally grown lavender was where they started). Next time you’re using State Highway 1 through Bulls stop at the “old cottage” shop opposite the service station, there’s always something on special. I’m sorry they’ve stopped making their lovely big vanilla soap as that was my favourite (lime and basil is the only flavour now in that size and that doesn’t float my boat). Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways … The French lavender and vanilla has no discernible trace of vanilla in its scent (I hoped that when the bar got wet, the scent would appear) but is nicely wrapped and bears a stamp saying “eco friendly” and “100% NZ made”.
Cost: $9.90 for 150g. Rating: 3 stars, the scent is lavender-y in the packet but even that hasn’t held as we’ve used the bar and now it just smells like soap. Haiku Husband rates it “nice and soapy”. 

showering together we make rainbows

– Sandra Simpson, Kokako 14 (2011)


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