New book

I’ve been labouring over two a book reviews for Haiku NewZ and am pleased to say that I got them both it posted yesterday.

The book are is waking echoes by Nola Borrell (NZ) and Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku edited by Allan Burns (the editor is American, the publisher in the UK). The former is a first collection of haiku and haibun. the latter a collection of more than 900 haiku published between 1963 and 2012.

You can find the reviews here – waking echoes.

twilight whistling down the lake black swans

– Nola Borrell

2 thoughts on “New book

  1. Hi Ellen, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Reviewing is a somewhat thankless task – people want to read them but often the reviewer is criticised too. It’s one person’s opinion, that’s all. I’ve enjoyed reading the thoughts on haiku criticism at THF.

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