Haiku projection

If you’re in Tauranga on Sunday (October 27) and you’re a fan of haiku make sure to call in to the TV3 Crystal Palace on The Strand – before 10.30am and between 3.30 and 5pm there will be poems by members of the Fantail Group projected on to a screen.

It will run other days too, but I’m not sure of the timings as it has to fit around whatever else is going on in the tent, including soundchecks for shows, as well as the shows themselves, packing in and packing out. I would say that on Tuesday and Wednesday (October 29 and 30) we may get a fairly good run at it as the only shows are in the evening.

The projection forms part of the Tauranga Arts Festival events.

The Fantail Group is a loose affiiliation of haiku poets who meet only occasionally (very occasionally this year) and is, at this stage, by invitation only.

The projection features the work of 12 poets, almost all of them living in Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty (the couple that don’t, used to until quite recently).

And if you’re a lover of poetry try and make time for Poetry & Song on at 1.30pm on Sunday, November 3 – the poetry of Bill Manhire set to music and sung. Here’s the link to the festival programme planner.


2 thoughts on “Haiku projection

    • Thanks Janet – it was great to see you there. It’s great fun putting the programme together (although about equally nerve-wracking when I’m chairing a session!). Thanks so much for coming over from Rotorua.

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